WTO lawyers represent nonpartisan group in voting machine action

WTO lawyers continued to represent, on a pro bono basis, a non-partisan group of Colorado voters working for election integrity in Colorado. WTO's involvement in election reform in Colorado began in 2006, when a team of WTO lawyers won the first lawsuit in the nation which challenged the security and accuracy of Direct Record Electronic (DRE) voting machines. In 2007 and continuing into 2008, WTO lawyers have participated in post-trial regulatory proceedings in which additional security standards and test criteria have been adopted and the DREs retested. WTO's non-partisan efforts have led to the introduction of election reform legislation limiting the use of DREs, which has been endorsed by the leadership of both parties and the Governor's office. That legislation is currently progressing through the legislative process with the active support and participation of the WTO team.
Represented a nonpartisan group of Colorado voters challenging the Secretary of State regarding the security and accuracy of direct record electronic voting machines.