Won summary judgment for Pfizer after antidepressant allegedly led to suicide.

Miller v. Pfizer

Parents sued the manufacturer of an antidepressant medication, alleging that the medication caused their 13-year-old son to commit suicide, and asserting claims under Kansas Products Liability Act (KPLA) for strict liability for marketing defects and misrepresentations, and negligence for failure to test and to warn.  On manufacturer's motion to exclude parents' expert witness, the U.S. District Court of Kansas issued summary judgment in favor of the manufacturer, holding that: (1) expert's opinion on general causation did not satisfy Daubert requirements, and (2) expert's opinion on specific causation did not satisfy requirements of rules of evidence.

Won exclusion of a star expert for the plaintiffs in antidepressant suicide litigation and won summary judgment for Pfizer in federal court in Kansas in a case alleging that the company's antidepressant led to the suicide of a minor.