Practice Areas

Environmental Litigation

Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell lawyers represent numerous companies that use and dispose of chemicals and other regulated substances in the production and distribution of their products. We routinely try lawsuits involving alleged breaches of environmental warranties, contamination liabilities and related insurance issues, toxic torts related to pharmaceuticals and asbestos, wrongful death, and personal injury. We also have extensive experience defending a variety of torts in class action and multidistrict litigation.

As national trial counsel to General Electric, Pfizer, Whirlpool, and other manufacturers, WTO lawyers are very familiar with the medical and causation issues associated with claims of current and historical toxic exposure. In defending environmental, product liability, and medical malpractice claims, we have developed a broad base of scientific and medical knowledge, a network of medical experts, and the ability to coordinate nationwide discovery, investigations, and evidence preservation related to mass claims.

Crisis Management
WTO's clients often require legal assistance at the onset of a crisis in anticipation of tort and commercial claims. We are prepared to respond immediately to client emergencies to help avoid or mitigate legal liability. Our skills go beyond the defense of individual lawsuits to include pre-suit emergency response and crisis management; evidence preservation; early resolution of claims; coordination with related litigation (e.g., product liability and insurance actions); coordination with regulatory investigations; coordination with legislative investigations; coordination of nationwide discovery; electronic discovery operations; media relations; supervision of local counsel; retention of expert witnesses; factual investigation; settlement negotiations; class actions; and trials and appeals. Several of our lawyers have had formal media training and have appeared on numerous local and national news programs.

Technical Knowledge
WTO lawyers know the complex federal and state statutes and regulations at the heart of environmental cases as well as the science associated with regulated substances. We understand the technical aspects of environmental law and have broad experience translating scientific and technical concepts to lay jurors, judges, and arbitrators.

Several WTO attorneys have formal education in the sciences, and many have in-depth knowledge acquired from consulting with independent technical and scientific experts. We are able to communicate with engineers, scientists and other outside experts and to develop persuasive briefs and evidentiary presentations in the areas that matter most to companies operating in the natural environment.